Cherylinn – Southie Girl born and raised.  Cherylinn is a single mom of two amazing kids. Her daughter Fiona is 9 and son Tristan is 6.  Cherylinn is a huge animal lover and really enjoys her job as a dog walker/pet sitter.  She loves being outdoors, (ugh even in the winter!) she understands that your fur-baby is part of the family just like her amazing cat Hazel.  Cherylinn will treat each and every baby just as she would treat her own.  Credit to Romy for providing her beautiful face in this awesome photo!

Jennifer is a mom, wife and the Owner of Petiquette Pooch. With my passion for animals I could find no better way to spend every single day.  I am the proud mom of 2 kids and 3 fur-babies.  I could never imagine my world with out animals in it, I am an advocate for them, and I value each and every one of them. 

Robert – coming soon

Brittney just rejoined Petiquette Pack after moving out of state for a bit.  After trying a whole bunch of different paths, some involving pet care and some not, she can honestly say there’s no job she’d fathering have.  Brittney loves being outside doesn’t matter if it’s rain, snow, sleet or sunshine she is always ready to see the pups.  Who can say they get to play with and exercise all their puppy pals for a living.  When she is not working she is it home taking care of her own baby a Catahoula leopard hound; named Boone who is full of energy and is sure to always keep her on her towels while he’s busy climbing trees!

Sadie – coming soon

John is a 25 year-old college graduate who studied business administration & entrepreneurship @ UConn.  He was raised in CT and moved to Boston for a fresh lease on life.  In a few years he’ll be behind a desk in the corporate world, but for now he prefers staying active and spending time outdoors with the pups.  His love for dogs goes back many years and he can’t imagine life without them!  When he’s not taking care of your furry friends, you can find him snowboarding in Vermont for laying on the in Block Island and Newport.

Petiquette Pooch Concierge

Exceptional Services for Exceptional Pets!

Jen (AKA Kittysitter) is an avid animal lover and owner of a beauty named Oliver. Jen is the primary cat sitter for Petiquette.  She can be send ally running (literally) throughout South Boston to care for the kitties under her watch.  On weekends Jen volunteers at the Quincy Animal Shelter to walk and play with the pups available for adoption.  In between work, cats, and dogs she is an experienced marathon runner who has also run several ultra distance races.  At the end of the day she comes home to her 12 year old kitty Oliver. (Oliver not pictured below)